November 25th & 27th, 2019 / Cayenne (French Guiana)


Presentation of the conference

The BIO-PLATEAUX project aims to strengthen sharing of information and knowledge on water resources and aquatic biodiversity associated to the Maroni and Oyapock transboundary river basins.

These two basins are facing similar management problems due to natural conditions and socio-economic activities. It includes uses, access, environmental conservation, impacts and contamination transport, morphology, risks management and climate change issues. Maroni river between Guiana and Suriname and Oyapock river between Guiana and Brazil (Amapa State) constitute physical borders but also dynamics areas of social, cultural and economic life and exchange. River basins create special links in that sense, calling for integrated water resources management principles. It will nevertheless be impossible to carry out an effective and result-oriented planning if it is not based on a common knowledge, including quantitative and qualitative information on these resources over time. It is also important to take into account the biodiversity of aquatic environments and its evolution, furthermore considering the exceptional richness of transboundary basins.

In this context, an international conference will be held on 26 and 27 November 2019 in Cayenne. The conference will aim to address, with the partners of French Guiana, Brazil and Suriname, cross-border issues of water and biodiversity related to aquatic environments while contributing to the dialogue for a shared management of the information on water resource. The conference will be based on available information and future challenges for monitoring water resources, including using the most advanced technological means (such as space hydrology). The goal of the event will be to achieve a clear technical rapprochement on the sharing of information and knowledge, as well as the training of stakeholders, backbone of a future concerted management of shared water bodies.


The BIO-PLATEAUX project is led by the International Office for Water (IOWater) and the Office of Water of Guiana (OEG), in association with the Anton de Kom University of Suriname (AdeKUS) and the Amapa Agency. Funded by the PCIA under the coordination of the Territorial Collective of Guyana (CTG), the project is also supported by the Directorate of the Environment, Planning and Housing of Guyana (DEAL), as well as the National Center for Spatial Studies (CNES). It has been certified by both French Ministries of Environment and Overseas as part of the Biodiversity national Plan (Action n°62).


The International Conference will bring together three kinds of audiences:

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The BIO-PLATEAUX project is co-funded by the European Union through the PCIA

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